What to look for in a CBD/hemp company

With so many different choices out there it is hard to determine what a quality CBD company is. People have to realize getting cannabinoids is not cheap.So if you are getting it at a very low price compared to the rest of the market chances are you are not getting what you think you are.Ask yourself the following questions. Is the company certified organic? Is the companies crop grown in the country it's being sold? Are there lab tests on all products and are they up to date? I know price is a deciding factor in many purchases but that is not always the case when it comes to you, or a loved ones well being. I see so many people come in and tell me how they are trying a product and it's not working for them, and most the time i'll ask what they paid for it, only because that gives me an idea of what's in the bottle. All the ingredients should be listed on the bottle as well as the amount of CBD(or other cannabinoid) per serving. If a company can't tell you how much cannabidiol is in there that's most likely because they don't know.

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